12th night – let them eat cake or even Galette des Rois

I’ve been flicking back through my sketch books and my photo files – virtual and real! And came across these images which I never used. I figured it was time I gave them an airing!

GallettedesRoisWellstreetstudioWhen we lived in France every January on 12th night we used to fill our faces with Galette des Rois. It was one of my favourite French festivals – I do love a festival!

The required cake – every festival must have a cake – is made up of flaky pastry with a layer of either frangipane or chocolate. It’s an awesome combo! In France all the boulangeries would sell Galette des Rois. We’d usually end up buying a couple as youngest Hatherill was very partial to it!

gallettedesroissketchbookwellstreetstudioIt is a French/European festival which is done to celebrate Pentecost. It represents the epiphany and symbolizes the meeting of the baby Jesus with the 3 Kings. The point of the cake eating bit is to work out who gets to be the king by seeing who finds the treasure (and hopefully not who breaks their tooth on it!) The youngest child of the family hides under the table whilst cake is allocated to all present. Whoever gets the feve (traditionally a bean but now a little toy made of china or plastic) is king or queen for the day and gets to wear the crown! It’s great – what’s not to like about a tradition that involves eating cake, finding treasure and dressing up!

The photo was taken a few years back. I think youngest Hatherill found the feve – as he probably ate most of the cake! If I remember correctly it was a small tortoise – I believe he still has it in his treasure box! The page is from my sketch book.

You can find a recipe for a Gallette des Rois on Chocolate&zucchini – one of my favourite French foodie blogs! The link is below.

I’m going to go with her creme d’amande suggestion and make one tomorrow – although the puff pastry may have to be a major supermarket brand and sadly not a beautifully boxed French delicacy which looks like its been made by someone’s grandma! Don’t worry I’m not going to go all bake off on you – it is a pretty straightforward assemblage affair!

Homemade Galette des Rois Recipe

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