3 ideas to encourage voting! #election2015 #superheroday

well-st-studio-vote-cardSo the election is nearly upon us. I decided the best thing I could do was to re-design the ballot slip – I’m not sure it’s gonna catch on but hey. Worth a go! The only thing we can all do is ensure we vote. If we remain silent then we have given a lot away.

Yet again I have no idea who to vote for or why. Even the “clever pollster man” on Panorama had “no idea who would win” – how are we supposed to know which way to turn?

It seems to me they are all the same voice in a different accent. I wonder if maybe they shouldn’t all merge into one big “mega party” and just try and work out the mess we have got ourselves into – in fact that may be what we’re gonna get – which may also be a very bad idea – so what do I know?

It feels like the sketch from The Incredibles (God I love that movie!) where he says he’s got to clean up the world AGAIN as it’s got all messed up again ALREADY.

We need a Mr/Mrs Incredible to vote for.

Maybe if there was a way of making everyone unite and join forces we could all be stronger. I guess the trouble is the leader complex – as soon as you put anyone in charge they get all power crazed – it goes to their heads. Lets just calm down and sort out global warming/poverty/education/health care – if there’s any time left after lunch you can all play “who’s it?”

Oh no I can feel Mr H shaking his head again and sighing! Best stop now before I get carried away!

Good luck next Thursday. We’re gonna need it!

Sarah Hatherill

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