Textiles, not graffiti graffiti, poems and Chrissy …

“Bikes & Blooms” was the name of my first solo exhibition of paintings and textiles which I exhibited at Four Walls, Melton.

Bikes & Blooms was made up of a series of stencil street art paintings (or not graffiti graffiti!), digital illustration produced as  limited edition prints, written content which I am currently making into a book of poetry and surface designs (not graffiti textiles) which I had digitally printed and made up in a London workshop into cushions as well as some greetings cards.

It is about nature, it and us. How change and evolution moves us all forward.


Exhibition hanging. Four Walls has an exhibition hanging system which was easy to work with. I work using eye height and space to ensure maximum impact for each piece.

Preview night was great fun. Friends and family came from far and wide to support me for which I was v thankful.

Preview night. We all had a great time chatting about art and poetry whilst eating pie based nibbles.

Four Walls window.

Changing transport links are the very things that enable us to evolve and develop. Yet are also the very things that have eroded the planet. Our networks are viewed as being important, wildlife networks less so. If we had thought about wildlife networks, the world would possibly not be quite as messed up as it currently is. Animals, birds, I guess even insects could change location and move, to where they have a better chance of survive.

Butterflies and dragonflies changing forms seem very much to resonate with the changing inner (and outer lives) of us humans. Middle age is a type of metamorphosis, as are the teenage years and the early stages of development of a baby.

The odd rock star has snuck in, as well as the occasional stars I have spotted whilst living in France and Rutland. All have stories of evolution and metamorphosis aplenty …


Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. Dude.

Bike Freedom I.

Emerald Dragonfly.

Nature Battle I. A piece about how gardening is actually destroying nature. Our desire for pristine perfection is not always helpful to nature. It is a negative positive.

CiCLE Rutland 2015. A piece I created after watching the 2015 CiCLE event from Langham where I live.

Winter solstice. A digital piece I created from a winter photograph of a lone tree.

Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Alchemy. Without these elements …

Bike Bloke II, III, IV, V. Part of a series (I gave the first one to a charity auction). They are of a chap in France. On his bike he looked like a mix of history and futurism as he cycled past. Ancient yet modern. Cool.

CiCLE 2015. Part of the development pieces I did whilst working on the painting.

Cushions. Not graffiti textiles. They were made in a factory in London, the fronts were digitally printed cotton sateen and the backs were linen. I created 6 designs in all. The original bike chap piece, kiss, spin, dog walker, fractured florals and stripes as the elements in the designs. Shown are the bike chap and the spin piece.


Laz at Four Walls, Melton was a brilliant host. He pretty much let me take over his gallery space as if an artist in residence. He even allowed me to make the tea and rearrange his walls afterwards.

I am currently working on my next series of work, which I am calling “Grassroots Uprising”. Whilst trying to sell the remainder of the exhibition and working as a freelance content designer.

The book of poems “Tales from the middle” I am still currently angsting over but hope to publish soon …

Sarah Hatherill

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