Bikes & Blooms Exhibition in Four Walls, Melton …

“Bikes & Blooms” is the name of my first solo exhibition. Laz at Four Walls, Melton was a brilliant host who let me take over his gallery showroom at the front of his framing shop.

I’ve called it “Bikes & Blooms” as it is about environment. I love the freedom and purity of a bike as well as the little things in life. I love an insect and am fascinated by their metamorphic abilities. But am equally interested in human ability to change and how we go about enabling it.

In between creating content for independents I am always drawing and writing. Recently I’ve started to think about what really interests me as an artist.

Bikes have always been a theme in my work – they seem to be the most pure spirited method of transport. Non polluting and innocent at heart.

How we fit into nature, how it reflects us and how we view it also fascinates me. Competing as a team yet being in a team also strikes me as terribly important.

My other half is a horticulturalist. Food chains and growing are part of our story. A recent project for a nature reserve has also concreted my thinking around how everything (including us humans) is interconnected. Our trails are negative – roads and such like; whereas animal trails are much more positive but seen to be of lower value for obvious reasons.

Bikes & Blooms is at Four Walls Gallery, Melton Mowbray LE13 1AE from 8th – 29th November.




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