Branding your business! Van Liverys (love that word!)

I recently read an article about how the most under utilised method of advertising is on the side of your vehicle. All you need is a smart vehicle, some memorable graphics and a decent sign writers. Bobs your uncle!

I love something that has a purpose – utility rocks in my opinion. Chuck in a bit of retro gorgeousness and I’m hooked. Check out this fabulous 64 Chevy (I’ve come over a bit Wheeler Dealers!!!) This would be my vehicle of choice (if you’re interested Mr H!) Would need a logo, url and some clever images!


Also found this great image of a retro Ikea van – love this. It seems to eek of retro Sweden!

vintage Ikea van

I’d love to rock up to market with my fabulous retro van full of prints & artworks! Ok it may not be everyone’s  dream but I have always been a bit of a gypsy at heart!

I love the idea of a roving artist. When I lived in France there was a guy who lived in a camper van with an apple mac (what more would you need in life?* ), he would drive from town to town. He’d rock up in the town square; go around all the hotels and restaurants and bars. Find out who needed menus, posters, fliers designing. Park up for 3 days. Do all the work. Deliver it printed, move onto the next town! Dude!

My most recent logo design was for Emma at The Dotty Dog Company – fabulous chick who makes one off dog/home furnishings accessories out of up cycled and vintage materials. She works mega hard and knows how to rock a market. Loving her vintage up-cycled dog wares! Loving the van too!


If you need a hand working out what should go on the side of your van give me a shout. You may have to hold me back from moving in if it’s old and vintage but I’ll designer decorate any model or mark going!

* my boys, dog & Mr H would be essential as well as Apple Mac – obviously in no particular order!

Camper van greeting card. £1.75 from Well Street Studio shop – not being one to miss an opportunity!

Camper Van Celebration Greeting Card Well Street Studio Langham

£1.75 from Well Street Studio shop!

Sarah Hatherill

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