Telling the tale of local signal box as design icon for Rutland Living magazine…

The editor of a local magazine (Rutland Living) had spotted my piece on the Oakham signal box at a local art exhibition. She commissioned me to write the article and to illustrate the piece using the design as well as some additional designs for the cover. It was great to work with the Rutland Living team and to learn about the history of the signal box.

The signal box is so iconic as it formed part of the Airfix model railway kit – its design was used as the basis for the original signal box.

Its design is very simple yet it has a very industrial feel to it which I love. Signal boxes are on the decline as many are now being automated. It would be a shame if we lost these iconic engineering pieces of railway history.

Railway advertising promotional posters were the inspiration for the piece which I have now sold very successfully as a limited edition print as well as being featured in Rutland Living magazine.

Sarah Hatherill

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