Ancient & modern on bike product range

Ancient & modern is a great combination. They need each other to make full effect. It is why antique shops with modern art in are always especially interesting.

I lived in France for 5 years & used to fill my time with my children swimming in the local lake & hanging out at art exhibitions whilst studying.

The art exhibitions were often in ancient castles. The whole thing was fascinating because of how the French viewed the present whilst still reflecting on the past. The French are proud of their culture & hold onto it strongly! Even town planning was done alongside clog manufacturers & oil painters.

I once stood in a 600 year old chateau watching a video of a tap dripping onto a pile of beautiful white plates. Previous to this I wandered round an ancient Abbey looking at the beautiful colour of mould on rotting food. Ancient chapels were filled with joyful pieces of art that artists had done just because they could. Their old churches became art trails & exhibition venues.

The design below I created after I spotted the French farmer on his bike in town, perhaps on his way to the Tabac for a glass of red wine. Who knows.

I created him as a street art piece. This resonates particularly well in this instance as it is about the weird combination that makes France so unique. France is about a literal clash of ancient & modern.



The range of product I created for him has sold well in Stamford & Oakham.


Monsieur Velo has been used as a mug, greetings card & art print. The painted piece I have also had manufactured in London as a cushion.

Monsieur Velo expresses how France is a mix of ancient & modern.



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