Content marketing design for charities

Content marketing for charities is a complex process, it needs strong and interesting content marketing design to give it resonance and validity.

The last few years have been tough for everybody. Especially the charity sector. Schools, youth projects and charities have all struggled to provide service and move forward, however local charities and projects do come together to provide a glimmer of possibility.

The Grand Ideas competition was to engage 10-20 year olds. They had to look at how their local environment could be improved. The winners with the best ideas received a prize of £1000 to use for the project they had come up with.

Charity cheque design

Charity cheque design

As part of the content design for social media we used Glastonbury as the hook, as it is a plastic-free festival.

Campaign design and creation

The design for the campaign was edgy and colourful. Street art with a pop art vibe.

Loose hand drawn “innocent-like” illustrations lightened the overall vibe. The application form was designed so that it was very simple and fun to fill in.

The content was output as direct mail, social media content and as press releases.

The direct mail was produced as a four page postcard which was printed onto a heavy weight recycled stock to make it “feel” important,  whilst the social media content was output through the Wildlife Trust facebook and twitter feeds.

We created a leads list which pulled in many entrants. They were an interesting set of entrants, with ideas covering subjects such as period poverty, outdoor classrooms, ponds, upgrading recycling schemes and art made from waste materials.

Campaign success

We successfully distributed the pot of money and made some meaningful change to local community projects.

One of the prize winners was Children’s Hospital School Leicester. Which won the money to develop its outside area and make a more viable rain shelter for when the children are working outside.

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