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oakhamstudios3-wellstOakham Studios is a dance studios run by the inspiring Sarah Gott. She recently commissioned me to design a brand for her as the image she was using as a logo had come from a “well known stock shot library” and unfortunately it had also been chosen by one of her competitors. Take heed all you stock shot users out there!

She liked the image she had bought as it was pretty immediate in a “stock shot in your face” kind of way – sorry – I’ll stop now! I could see that the problem with it (apart from it being a stock shot!) was that although it said “dance” it didn’t say anything about her particular brand of “dance”.

Oakham-Studios-wellstOnce I’d discussed with her what her brand was about and how she saw her brand I turned my attention to her shop. It looked like a vintage dressing up shop. Not a bad thing for a dance school shop to appear to be from Harry Potter but sometimes less is more! I have directed her as to how to move the shop forward so it is more easily read and used by customers. We have simplified the colours and she is slowly moving it forward.

Oakham-StudiosThe logo I designed reflected her love of vintage and old dance posters (see below) and also her sense of fun. We decided to leave the ribbon part of the logo as a hand drawn non-accurate line as she wants to teach and promote a love and enjoyment of dance – not dance perfection

Images used for inspiration

Images used for inspiration


I knew the next task was a strap line – I know these are considered “old hat” but I think a strap line is really helpful as it can underline what the brand’s unique values are in a clear and succinct way if done well. “Seriously fun dance” was what I created – it seems to totally express what she’s about.

Oakham Dance postcard-coloursThe colours had to be vibrant and in your face yet sophisticated at the same time. All of the material is printed black on one side and magenta pink on the other.

Oakham-Studio-wellstThe photography I took myself (you may have noticed I am photography obsessed!) We used Sarah and her dancers as my subjects. It was a great fun and very energetic photography session! I gave the shots a grainy feel to reflect her love of vintage.

OakhamStudio2-wellstI have designed marketing material, signage and stationery as well as logo and strap line for Oakham Studios. All of which she is happily distributing far and wide to spread her dance message of “seriously fun dance!”

SIGNAGE-LAYOUTThe signage has gone up (thanks Steve at Signs and Graphx) and hopefully Sarah can now shimmy her way into even more dancers hearts!



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