Brand identity refresh for local retail uplifts to engage post lockdown clients …

When lockdown hit Rachel of Cowgirl in Couture commissioned us to create a new brand identity design, website content/creative and signage design for her preloved designer couture shop, which is in Mill Street, Oakham.

Brand identity used on signage

The brand identity was to be used across all touchpoints; website/online store design, signage design, retail signage and social media. Rachel already had a sketch of a horseshoe as her logo; which was lovely but not strong enough to grow her brand with.

The horse was montaged in photoshop to have the horseshoe in his mouth and a stockshot was sourced which added a couture fashion vibe to the brand story.

Website content & product photography
Retail Brand identity design

The main brand typeface used was Copperplate Gothic. Copperplate Gothic was designed by Frederic W Goudy. Goudy was a bit of a rock star typeface designer from the early 1900’s. It’s a great font, a design classic with a high heel kick to its serif. 

A brand palette was created so that all the material had a cohesive feel. Across actual retail as well as e-commerce.

A brand palette was created which had a French, vintage yet contemporary vibe. This was referenced for all areas of the material. We even matched the paint colour used on the shop windowsills to the same blush pink in the brand colour palette.

Thanks to Barker’s Signs for the speedy signage install, (and the complex blush pink colour matching), and to The Larder in Mill Street for the Tumeric Lattes which were drunk during the making of this identity.

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Retail brand identity design

Brand identity for Rutland

retail on Mill Street, Oakham …

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