#eclipse2015 with welding goggle wielding Rutlanders!

eclipsedogwalk1I took the dog for a walk armed with a camera to see what would transpire across the fields of Rutland during the eclipse! Several client (and mother!) phone calls later I had made it back home to find a gaggle of my neighbours all looking through various steam punk looking devices.

eclipsedogwalk2We had the “binoculars back to front method reflected onto a piece of paper” – this did confuse me as I thought we’d suddenly entered some Star Wars like world where there were two suns, “no you dopey mare – there are two lenses!” duh!

eclipse-dogwalk4By now the light was really weird – neither dawn nor dusk – I can imagine why they used to think the world was ending! The birds were roosting and it felt like 6.00 pm – but somehow not!

eclipse-dog-walk-3The next method in action was the “father’s 88 year old welding goggles method” – my preferred method of choice in any eclipse of the future! This was awesome – my camera managed to pick it up too! Obviously the black is the welding goggles – not the sky!

eclipsedogwalk6Apparantley there is an eclipse every 18 months somewhere in the world – many are silently occurring in the middle of oceans! Does it still eclipse if no one is watching?? How incredible is the world?

eclipsedogwalk5Thankyou to my fabulous neighbours for your help in the creation of this post!

Now where did I put those welding goggles?

Sarah Hatherill

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