How to avoid serving junk food for tea whilst planning content :)

Serving junk food for tea sometime happens. It’s ok as long as you don’t do it on a regular basis. The same is easily said of great brand content. Sometimes it will be a dry month and you’ll have to serve up a spinning cat; but if you do this too often you will be viewed as a burger bar. All very well if you are a burger bar.

What if you’re offering something far more rarefied?

To increase social media traffic it is often helpful to overview your content. Organic reach is possible but only if your content is en-point, interesting & engaging.

Looking at the bigger picture is important, once you have checked out what your audience is interested in you can have some fun. Get out your post it notes and edit it down to where you comfortably sit.

This may feel like an extravagance but unless you have spent some time looking at the bigger picture and doing some decent research your content will in the main be “shouting nowhere”.

Content really is king (or queen!) when it comes to SEO. Google eats content for breakfast and it is a hungry beast that is a picky eater. The good stuff it will tell all its mates about whereas the junk it will just toss in the bin.

You want your content to be a Google meal. Not junk food.

Great meals need planning. You need to find your crew and make sure they are available. You need to check out what their tastes are, if they have any particular preferences, whether they prefer sweet to savoury. Time needs to be spent on planning.

Once you get home you’ve still got to cook it, making sure your timings are right and that the house is cleaned up! You get the gist  – there’s a lot to do.

Decent content that will satisfy Google and your audience takes some cooking.

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