How to design retail display

Retail display is sometimes better than visiting any art exhibition. You see products displayed using panache and imagination (and often on micro budgets). Colour, style, typography, craziness, excitement and joy of product are all expressed in equal measure to create engaging and fabulous displays.

The business to business sector can learn a lot from retail display; it is story telling made real. Shop windows are advertisements, they draw customers into their stores and attract attention from passers by. The stories told are engaging as they use product in such novel and exhilarating ways. If the retail outlet has strong signage design and brand identity all the better.

Retail display expresses the story of the product, whilst also reflecting the interest (and capturing the imagination) of the viewer. The brand identity of the shop also captures imagination when clearly and creatively expressed.

Retail display is as interesting as visiting any art exhibition. You can learn more about the brand of a town by gazing in its shop windows than by doing any google search. Good retail display will tell you the crux of the story of the product and reflect the style of its people – fans and followers alike.

Retail display uses the 3 dimensional window as its platform for expression, very much like installation art. Retail display has depth and layers. You need to use many different skills; from brand understanding, design and manufacturing to story telling. All are required in equal measure, as well as the ability to hold a drill and paintbrush whilst balancing on a bike!

These images were taken whilst working in London and France, en route to client meetings. 

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