Well Streets reflective imagery shines bright at Gardeners’ World Exhibition #NEC #BBC2

DSC_0010 The recent series of pieces I have produced have been about repeat and reflection. I have been looking at how a design if repeated in a reflected way will actually make the viewer reflect. It could work as a meditative piece that makes you stop and think. These have caught the eye of many visitors to my kitchen where I have been hanging them as I’ve worked them out. Mosaic Gardens being one of them. They are an award winning garden designer who I have created branding design for.


I had my design printed onto shatterproof glass and we made the piece into a garden table. The piece is lightfast and waterproof so could happily sit in any garden. It became “garden art”.

Gardens are places for reflection, they are part of our homes and yet they are still something many of us feel separate from. A part of our living areas which we don’t venture into very often. This has resulted in us viewing “nature” as a separate entity from us. When really we are part of nature.

The piece I now sell in the Well Street shop – it can be used as a worktop saver – it is large and very attention grabbing but could also be used propped up in the garden as it is shatterproof glass and waterproof.

Why not bring some natural reflection into your life?




Sarah Hatherill

Well Street is run by me - designer Sarah Hatherill. I have worked for many years as a freelance designer as well as being employed as a creative director and marketing manager but am now self-employed and trading as Well Street Studio. I work alongside marketing teams, social media experts, manufacturers & printers to provide content and creativity to local businesses.

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