How to shine your business bright …

Direct your brand upwards using our bespoke graphic design service

Brand is critical in these competitive times.

Obviously we can design you a beautiful mark which will contain no clip art and often a bespoke typeface. However our raison d’être is all about brand.

Well Street designs content for website. We use website engineers to create the sites using our bespoke content if required or you can insert imagery into your own template.

At the core of what we do is analysis and direction. Whether you are a small business owner, an events venue or a business who needs product to sell or promote we will analyse your market and express your business best bits using our design & imagery which will be specific to your brand.

Our skills are design led, arts based and analysis driven.

Well Street creates imagery from the Well Street library of photos or can source imagery to suit your campaign. Sarah is a trained photographer/illustrator and designer.

Whether you need some website content for small business promotion, a small campaign to get your social media moving or some design for labels or packaging we will work out what your business is about and express your fabulous USP using bespoke graphics and unique marks.

Whatever your business we will work out what makes it great and advertise that to your potential clients. Design thinking is at the forefront of our service.

The work section of our website contains some more examples of previous work and Sarah is always happy to come out with our book of work to talk you through our experience and find out how we can help your business promote and glow.

If you wish to meet up with Sarah call her on 07706 136133 or email

Sarah Hatherill

Well Street is run by me - designer Sarah Hatherill. I have worked for many years as a freelance designer as well as being employed as a creative director and marketing manager but am now self-employed and trading as Well Street Studio. I work alongside marketing teams, social media experts, manufacturers & printers to provide content and creativity to local businesses.

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