COVID infographics design for primary schools

The designs were created to try and help the children feel less anxious by being colourful and playful.

Spatial awareness is learned as a child by putting their arms out. I’m sure many of us remember running around pretending to be aeroplanes or seagulls!

When you put your arms out if the person next to you did too, you would both be about 2 metres apart.

“Think safe space” was designed to reflect the bubble analogy which the government has used a lot and also as a reminder that we are not only keeping ourselves safe but everyone else too.

The hand washing design points out the importance of hand washing to the children and that it is possible to protect themselves by washing the virus off of their hands, it also eludes to the happy birthday song and the length of time hand washing requires.

The signs are being manufactured and sold by Viking Signs, Grantham.

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Sarah Hatherill

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