Macmillan Coffee Morning…

WBCMlogo2014-Cancer is such a devastating disease. My mother recently lost a very dear cousin of hers to it. I’m sure everyone I know has lost someone they know to it or has had someone they know have it and survive it. Hopefully it is becoming more of the latter than the former. It is only through us all helping and supporting incredible organisations like Macmillan that this hideous disease can be tackled.

I’ve put some of my gift card designs into a couple of the local Macmillan coffee mornings to be used as raffle prizes.  A small gesture I know but I guess if we all just do a little bit, together we can make it count!

I guess that this is what the Macmillan coffee morning is about. The concept of community and shared responsibility. Neither of which any of us can afford not to be a part of.

See you tomorrow for a coffee!


Sarah Hatherill

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