Surface design changes everything

Spray paint and stencils were the main tools I used as part of an experimental art project last year. It came out of the desire to get back to painting.

The series is about change, metamorphosis and evolution. Aging makes everyone reflect on change and the Wildlife Trust contract has also influenced change thinking.

The evolution of the dragonfly is fascinating. In prehistoric times – they were possibly HUGE whereas now they are much smaller than they once were. They just didn’t need to be that big any more, so they down sized.

Whereas the lucky be-winged creatures don’t rely on public transport and can just fly to their next nest, transport links are essential for development. Which is ironic, we need transport to progress, yet transport is also at the heart of the erosion of our planet. Our networks are viewed as being important, wildlife networks are sometimes less so. The internet of things means that stuff has to be made, get shifted about, be delivered. It is tricky to balance both needs out.

The only method of transport which is pure of spirit is the bike. The bike as a motif features in much of my work. It not only looks iconic; it is an environmental campaigner.

This is “Monsieur Velo V”.

The design was created after I photographed a man on his bike. He rode through my camera whilst I was living in France and photographing the streets for another art project. On his bike he looked like a mix of history and futurism, much like France felt to me at the time. Ancient yet modern. Cool.

Sarah Hatherill

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