Brand identity for Rutland Osprey

Rutland brand identity for the Rutland Osprey range was completed recently.

We wanted the brand identity to tell the tale of the bird’s journey. The Osprey migrates to Rutland Water Nature Reserve (other sites are available!) to breed & raise its chicks, barely touching land on this incredible voyage, every year. It is a tale of wayfinding and instinct.

We told the story of the journey using simple brand marks which would work well on merchandise, they needed to be contemporary and eye catching. The ancient symbols for air and water, (which the bird mainly crosses to reach the UK each year) look like directional arrows. They are graphic, have a navigational bias and are strong motifs.

We used the motifs in the typography (giving the identity a cohesive image).

The strapline of “of air & water” was used as a brand USP or strapline.

I-pad illustration of Rutland Osprey.

The brand identity design has been printed on organic t-shirts, packaging and product in the shop (locally made soaps and candles) and also been developed into environmental sculptures at the Reserve.

Sarah Hatherill

Well Street is run by me - designer Sarah Hatherill. I have worked for many years as a freelance designer as well as being employed as a creative director and marketing manager but am now self-employed and trading as Well Street Studio. I work alongside marketing teams, social media experts, manufacturers & printers to provide content and creativity to local businesses.

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