Brand Identity design for sustainable products

Recently, I was chatting with a customer service representative at a sustainable toothpaste company.

The toothpaste company was interested in my view on their packaging.

I questioned the need to put products in boxes. Packaging is primarily about display and consumerism. We both agreed, that consumerism and the art of selling, has caused some environmental waste. It got me thinking about what sustainability in the context of brand actually means.

How, if your product is sustainable, can you make it visually appear to have value on a supermarket shelf? Surely over packaging is not sustainable? If the brand identity design is strong enough, how many layers does your product need to be wearing? I guess good brand identity design is like wearing good underwear. If the base layer is strong enough, you won’t need too many layers on top.

Sustainable product development
Sustainable product development

Brand identity design for sustainable products

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