What’s #Rutland all about?

Tea-and-artI’ve recently finished the branding on Clifton’s Tearoom in Oakham. They couldn’t decide what to put on the walls – being a closet photographer and totally obsessed with an image I said “leave it to me, I’ll go take some photos”. Gulp!

The photos have become a significant part of Clifton’s branding. After all a brand is always much more than a logo – as I keep saying! A brand is about the stuff that surrounds its logo – it’s even down to the brand to decide what the “stuff” is. In Clifton’s case it has turned out to be about Oakham – which is what my images are all of. They act not only as decoration but also as “conversation pieces”.

A few weeks back Clifton’s announced they were going to do a tea tasting. The crux of what they are about is tea. And getting people to become more interested in what teas they are drinking. We are after all a nation of tea drinkers. Surely we can all move on from the pyramid bag? I glibly said “why don’t I do an exhibition too?”.

Maybe next time I put on an exhibition of work I should allow myself a bit more time to put it together! But hey – sometimes the thrill is in a deadline!

The work is taken from the photos and ponders I have put together in my spare time since moving to Rutland 2 years ago. I have realised that as a branding designer I have become totally obsessed with working out what everything is about and how to visually express it. Whether that everything is a place, county or a business. I love this weird county that I now call home. In lots of ways it is similar to Brittany in France where I lived previously. It is rural with urban edges. The work I have put together is predominantly based around Oakham and Langham, but I figure this is a part 1 exhibition. We are after all a work in progress. Hopefully you’ll all come and try some unusual teas in Clifton’s and have a gaze at my images! Be great to see you.

Why don’t you pop in for a taster?

Clifton’s Tearoom Tea Tasting & Exhibition of Rutland Images, next Friday from 2.00pm till 5.00pm, Clifton’s Tearoom, 2c Mill Street, Oakham LE15 6EA.


Sarah Hatherill

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