Whose art is graffiti anyway? #Banksy

kingfisher1-wellststudioI recently got into a twitter conversation with a Banksy advocate; I asked the question “does art need permission?” he then asked “who owns the public space anyway?”

Sometimes questions make me stop. Sometimes art makes me stop and stare. Somehow these did.

girl2-wellststudioThey are beautiful images – they have been painted on a grotty wall in Stamford – in a back street car park. In my opinion the graffiti – which is vandalism – has transformed it – in the way that only art can do.

kingfisher2-wellststudioDoes art need permission?

girl1-wellststudioWho owns public space?

UnknownOn BBC breakfast news this morning there was a report from Gaza – where Banksy has applied his art to walls as a gift to the people. One of the pieces was on the only remaining piece of a persons house – his front door.

imagesThe owner was duped into selling the door for a very small amount of money by someone claiming to be a Banksy advocate. It has undoubtably gone into the hands of a collector where it will sit in his collection and he can feel smug he has a Banksy.  The works were a gift to the people of Gaza. People whose entire lives have been destroyed by war. This, as many a French graffiti artist writes “sucks”!

6254b329214d7f83c24a604b781b76b7Anyway – I have wandered off my point.

So, who did the kingfishers and the chick with wet hair in Stamford? I’d love to chat! I won’t tell anyone who you are!

Do you wanna collaborate? Call me!

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