Why leaders followers should have more than 5 books on a bookshelf.

bookleadersMy son has recently built me a You Tube channel – I’d imagine I could have worked it out for myself but I knew he could do it in 10 minutes whilst flicking his fringe and texting his mates – WHY can’t we focus on one job at a time!!!

So we’ve built the channel – it looks ok. So what can we post on it. We need to do some animated videos, a bit of flogging (get me – I’m down with the kids!!) oh no I mean flogging*!!!! Oh no it’s my predictive text! Which brings me onto my next bug bear!

Are Apple and Google going to be running the world without us even noticing? Maybe they are already.  An editor’s job is an extremely powerful position to sit in. You could totally change everyone’s perspectives according to your point of view and how you choose to let it be expressed.

Everyone following the same trends and the same trend-setters means we all end up with the same opinions/houses/clothes. (Ed Miliband having midnight meets with Russell Brand? What was Ed thinking of? He didn’t behave like a leader – he behaved like a follower.)

Most of the content my boys are reading or learning from seems to be coming from only one point. The internet. Homework; you guessed it – the internet. Which means that most of their influences are being edited by Google (or Yahoo – other search engines are available!!!) on some level. What use are questions when all the answers are coming from the same point? You need more than one book on your shelf!

Google’s Eric Schmidt seems like a good guy but Google is a big organisation. It’s usually the kids further down the tracks that are quietly lobbing supermarket trollies at trains. I even see with horror a “Google educate”  which has been heavily promoted on my twitter feed all day. I can see in essence it is all a great and useful tool. But we should not to forget to question anything or one that offers us “free” services. There aint nothing “free” in this world!

So I asked my son “what can we talk about on You Tube?” he immediately googled the question.

Words have been exchanged.

What is going to happen to the world of tomorrow? Everyone is going to look hyper cool – wearing wearables or whatever we’ve decided to call them – or rather whatever Apple decides to call them – plugged into a 24/7 stream of constant advertising from the internet god of information.

Information/knowledge is power. Creativity is a force to be reckoned with. If all our kids are getting their knowledge/ideas from the internet god then nobody will have a creative unique idea ever again. Surely we should be teaching our children how to be creative and use their amazing minds in their own unique way.

Without this how will Africa ever be resolved? How will we develop earthquake proof buildings? How will we build flood defences? How will we fill Tate Modern with new and inspiring works? The questions will all be answered by the same source. Not an inspired rebel voice will ever be heard again – apart from my boys, I’m gonna make sure they question EVERYTHING, follow no one and read lots of books!

* flogging should read vlogging! Although a metaphor about a dead horse does spring to mind!

Sarah Hatherill

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