Get your business story out there ...

Advertising and promoting your business in the crowded and noisy world we are now in is getting harder and harder. To stand out from the crowd you need effective and focussed strategies as well as creative and dynamic solutions.

At WellSt we develop and promote business by providing focussed social media campaigns, brand identity and bespoke marketing content which will get your business to your potentials and help them to grasp why they should use your products or use your service.

Content needs to be en-point and engaging on as many different platforms as possible. It needs to tell your brand story whilst attracting your audience. The sea of digital content means that it takes navigational skills anchored by hashtags to get the content to where you want it to go. It takes creative storytelling with a view of the bigger picture (and an eye for a visual) to capture imagination.


WellSt is run by me; Sarah Hatherill.

I have a depth of brand experience from working in the publishing, design, education and manufacturing sectors. I am a cost effective sales, marketing and creative service as I am a trained photographer, designer and illustrator with marketing and copywriting experience.

Think of me as your community engagement officer. I work by looking at the strengths of your business and analysing audience and developing content which will attract them.

My work produces sales/marketing targeted content for:

+ Brand awareness campaigns to kickstart your business using social media and printed material. Together we will get your story out there.

+ Exhibition graphics and event promotion which express your business story.

+ Packaging - surface design which tells your product story visually and narratively. 


Collaboration is key

If you are interested in collaborating on a project give me a call on 07706 136133 ...