Content creator for hire ...

Content is a multi faceted substance.

Content needs to be en-point and consistent on as many different platforms as possible. It needs to tell your brand story whilst engaging your audience. The sea of digital content means that it takes navigational skills anchored by hashtags to get the content to where you want it to go. It takes creative storytelling with a view of the bigger picture (and an eye for a visual) to capture imagination.


Nowadays businesses need to have so much reach that for the small business it can be tricky. You business may be on more social media platforms than you can wave a stick at yet your sales figures aren't covering your marketing budget.

How can I help change this?

Think of me as your community engagement officer. I work by analysing audience and establishing the type of visuals and written content which will attract them.

My work produces sales/marketing targeted content for:

+ Campaigns to kickstart your social media

+ Blog posts & press releases

+ Brand awareness campaigns 

+ Product - surface design can be developed to commission for product such as textiles and giftware alongside packaging & retail display

+ Social media advertising and printed marketing material

Well Street is run by me; Sarah Hatherill.

My depth of brand analysis & audience overview experience means I am a cost effective sales, marketing and creative service. I've worked for many great clients over the years, my client list has included:

• Charity and education sectors. For example Wildlife Trust & The Rutland Learning Trust. Creating social media and printed campaign material which tells visually and verbally of the brands commitment to their service.

• Local magazines writing commissioned articles.

• Hotel and bar sector creating branded content for product & interiors. Clients have included Walkabout, Bar Risa & Strand Place Hotel.

• Local retail and online retail creating social media campaigns to kickstart business, logo designs and marketing campaigns.

Collaboration is key

If you are interested in collaborating on a project give me a call on 07706 136133 ...