Brand identities tell stories ...


You have a business. It could be a start up or in its xxxth year. You could be self employed or have a hundred staff.

However big or small your business, the telling of business story is an important part of marketing output.

How do you tell it & encourage potentials to engage with it?

What visual markers do you use to entertain & engage?

Sarah Hatherill is a designer/illustrator who creates marks & motifs which act as visual metaphor for businesses. Her designs have been used on everything from website to window display, promotional product to social media.

With a background in many sectors she supplies local business with visuals which are illustrative, creative and engaging.

Give Sarah a call to discuss your brand story on 07706 136133 or email

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Design services include: 

• brand analysis and creative content 

• brand identity design

• illustration & surface design


Collaboration is key

If you are interested in collaborating on a project give me a call on 07706 136133 ...