Brand identity & creative content for product promotion

Looking for business brand & identity?

At Well Street we overview your business, find your USP and express your business story.

Once we've established the look & feel of your brand we work out how to funnel your audience towards that much needed "buy" point.

We are experienced at design, marketing and social media so can establish which platforms you need to use & how to move your business forward on them.

Our core services are:

Brand identity

Brand awareness campaigns

Creative content for business/product storytelling across all touch points - social media, website, email marketing, signage & direct mail.



Brand identity which is authentic & resonates with your audience will funnel them towards your services. Awareness can be amplified by use on signage, packaging and direct mail all of which can be further echoed across social media & blogs. Your brand identity will express your USP in a visually compelling style.

Design & Illustration which has engaged audiences across all platforms from packaging to signage, social media to website. Colours & typography are created to capture imagination & attract attention as well as free style or digital illustration.

Creative content needs to engage your audience, sure it needs to have humour but it needs to seriously express your service and its positives. Well Street visuals are bespoke to each job but we understand about budgets so they won't break the bank. Our written content expresses your business without marketing jargon & cliche giving you a fresh angle to promote from.


Well Street works by analysing your business & establishing its USP whilst analysing your audience to help you work out how to stand out from the crowd when you promote yourself to them.

Well Street asks questions which will guide your business in its direction & help you to establish a way forward.

After all why should they buy/use your product/services?

Why should they pay for your download?

Why should they read your book or watch your play?

Why should they follow you?

Why should they hang out with you?

Once we've worked this out we can create visuals & content which will tell your business story & attract their attention.


Well Street is run by Sarah Hatherill.

Sarah has worked for many great clients over the years including:

• Small businesses creating brand identity and content for use in website, social & pr

• Corporates such as Walkabout, Bar Risa & DELL for whom she designed brand identity and marketing content.

• Education sector creating content for course advertising, press releases & social media output.

• Signage studio where she designed for the cruise ship and hotel sector creating wall graphics, signage and location maps.

Sarah is a freelance which means her services can be supplied cost effectively. Brand agency standard design is supplied at freelance prices, collaborating with other freelance services if need arises.

You will find a small selection of the Well Street portfolio in the work section of the website.

Give Sarah a call if you want to find out if your business is a match on 07706 136133.

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Collaboration is key

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