Brand identity & brand illustration for product

+ Brand identity for product

+ Product illustration

+ Illustration for product storytelling

+ Content for social media, website & promotion/advertising (or whatever you want to call it!)

Visual content needs to engage your audience. That is what good branding does - engages your audience.

Sure you can buy a motif and stick a bit of text underneath it for a logo but what about the rest of your advertising content?

"What's the story morning glory?" as someone once sang?

What a business does tells a story in itself but it needs to advertise what it does for its followers & audience. It is all about the audience - not the business.

Why should they buy your product? Why should they pay for your download? Why should they read your book or watch your play? Why should they follow you? Why should they hang out with you?

"So what?" is the most important marketing question ever asked.

I will overview your content, analyse the arse out of your social, engage with your audience, find you a direction. Give you some eye catching visuals to show off with in the process.

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Collaboration is key

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